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Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome to Aryn's Closet

Oh my goodness. I'm super excited to start. This is my first blog ever. So pardon me if I sound like a bubbly teen because that's how I feel.
*Takes a deep breath*

Welcome to Aryn's Closet.

Here I will explore colorful outfits, have fun, and often look ridiculous. As an introvert by nature, expanding my social circle is sometimes difficult for me. Even though I'm quiet, I tend to wear rather loud clothes.

I started slowly with what I like to call "Crazy Pants Friday". I'd give up boring, old, regular jeans for more exciting and not always 'fashionable' pants. I'd get lots of comments (mostly positive) and compliments. It was almost like other people wanted to do the same but couldn't break out of the norm, t-shirt with jeans.

One of my dearest friends, (who I'll call Shorty) suggested I start a blog. Mostly because she loves my antics, and my clothes always made her smile.
So, Shorty, this is for you, all the way from Idaho.
I hope I can still make you smile.

Have a Happy Colors Day Everyone.

P.S. Please leave comments and questions. Again, I'm new at this, so any advice is appreciated. Just please keep comments clean and positive.


  1. Replies
    1. No I am not Shorty. Shorty is my dear friend from high school.