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Monday, December 29, 2014

Welcome Back!!

Sorry guys. It's been such a long time since I've posted. I have a bunch of adventures to share with you.

The biggest news is I've finally finished school!!! I'm super excited! I've been working on my degree for 4 and a half years. But I've finally finished. I'll have a bachelors degree. You guys will definitely be some of the first to see it!  :)

The post today won't be super exciting. I just wanted to touch base with everyone. Thank you so much for supporting me. I promise now that school is done, I will be more diligent about posting. There are so many cute outfits I must share with you. Tomorrow I get to spend time with Shorty. She definitely needs my support right now and all of your support too. Remember all of this that I'm doing is for her. I must apologize because I admit that I forgot that.

Some exciting news for you guys! This Wednesday is New Year's Eve! And the best part is it's my birthday too!! A couple of my ladies and I are going to go out for some birthday fun. I will definitely have pictures to share with you guys.

I would love to see what outfits you have planned for the New Year! Please share your pictures. I'd love to feature them on my blog or even on my Google+ page. Also I'd love any ideas you guys have for this blog for the New Year. A new year means a new start!

Remember to Shine Bright and Beautiful!
Have a Happy Colors New Year!!

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