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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Feature Guest: Felicity

Hey guys. I'm trying something new. I'd like to feature a guest every month. The outfits will be will be a range of whatever makes the guest happy. The whole point will be to show that you guys can wear whatever you want. Being comfortable and happy in your skin is the most important thing.

The first guest I'm featuring is Felicity. She has a really cute outfit and follows my blog. I asked her some questions. Here's what she said:

Would you describe the dress your wearing: the colors and how the material feels?

Well the top is a whiter color than I expected. I thought it would be cream. It's a pretty white with black polka dots. The top is pretty thin but it didn't really show through for me. The bottom is a bit of a different texture. I'm having a hard time describing it. It almost feels like wind pants if that makes sense. It's very thin and light weight, but that's good for here (CA) since it's hot almost all year round. It flows nicely at the bottom and it doesn't stick to my body!

What about the belt?

The dress came with the belt. It was the perfect size for the dress. It fits perfectly. It does stretch a bit. Very cute! I love the bow!

How do you like the shoes?
I LOVE them! They were even better when they got here then they were online! They fit perfect. The only thing is that since they button on, when you don't have the attachment on, you can see [where it attaches]. Other than that, it laces up well and I like that I don't have to have that part on, it makes it match with more outfits. They were actually pretty comfortable to walk in too. The material is more velvety than I thought as well. Which I love!

Where would you wear this outfit?
Hm. I would wear it to maybe an interview. For sure I would wear it on a date!

How do you feel wearing the whole outfit?
I feel very classy! It makes me smile and I feel very happy and comfortable to wear it.

Thank you Felicity for sharing!

If you are ever interested in showing up on a blog post or just want to share an outfit, please email me or leave a comment below.

Have a Happy Color Day!

P.S. If you're interested in purchasing the outfit Felicity is wearing, check out the sites

Use the code "bethyhime" for a discount! :D

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