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Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Shopping Trip: Vote for the Best Dress!!

Hey guys. So I'm starting my final semester tomorrow. Super excited.
Naturally, I went shopping to find some new cute school clothes.
On Sunday, two of my favorite ladies and I went and found some adorable dresses.
For something different and fun, I've decided to put together a vote to see which dress you guys think I should wear tomorrow. To keep this interesting, I only took pictures of the patterns and colors of the dresses not the whole dresses. Whichever one wins will have a special post devoted to it on Saturday.
Please leave your vote in the comments below.

Dress A:
This is a simple red orange dress with a beautiful black lace around the waist. It's kind of a shorter dress. It's super fun and summery.

Dress B:
This dress is a black base with this beautifully colored pattern all over it. The sleeves are a bit longer. So it's perfect for a fall day.

Dress C:
This dress has a yellow base. This pattern is kind of striped and swirled around the dress. It has lots of colors and patterns in it. This dress also has longer sleeves perfect for fall.

Dress D:
This dress is pretty simple. The top half is leopard print and the bottom half is black. Super classy looking.

These are the only descriptions I'm going to give. If you want to see more of the dress, vote for it. The dress with the most votes will get a special post and I'll wear it for the first day of school! Happy voting!

Have a Happy Color Day!


  1. A! It was tough, especially between A & C, but the weather will be changing any time now, so you never know when it will be your last chance to get a cute summer dress in for the year! Can't wait to see them all! They look awesome from what I can see.