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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Numbers Aren't Important: Secondhand Adventures

Hey guys. It's been a very long time since I've posted. There's so much to say today. First, I've been super sick :( but I'm finally feeling better :) Flu viruses are awful.

Second, I've run into a sad problem. I'm running out of awesome pants for Crazy Pants Friday, so today I decided to remedy this issue. I visited two second hand stores today and tried on more than 30 pairs of pants! Fortunately I have a lot of patience, lol. There were lots of fun bright colors and patterns to be found. It was a lot of fun hunting for pants awesome enough for CPF. Here are just a couple examples from today:

I wanted to tackle a sensitive issue for a lot of people out there, men and women alike. Sizes and numbers. It is so easy to go shopping today and get discouraged. Last time you went shopping you were one size, but this time you are two sizes bigger. It can feel very frustrating. Today I'm telling you that sizes don't matter! That's right, I said it. Sizes are not important! The numbers are just guidelines. They are starting points to find clothes that fit and feel good on you.

I try to act what I preach. I must confess I feel self-conscious about my tummy sometimes. I try to remember that I am healthy and that's the most important thing. Being healthy and happy about yourself. That's what this whole blog is about: me wearing clothing that makes me happy and sharing with you guys.

Today walking through the second hand store I started looking at the sizes of my last shopping trip. I'm somewhere between a size 6 and 8 in pants. I just used this as a starting point, but I didn't limit myself to just 6s, 7s. and 8s. I also looked at 15s and at 1s and all the in between sizes. I found patterns I liked and materials that felt good. I wasn't even paying attention to the sizes.

In the fitting rooms, I got some pretty surprising results. The size 2 pants fit great! Then the size 5 pants were too tight. Size 11 pants were too loose, but the 13s fit perfectly.

I feel the sizes are so arbitrary anyways. A pair of size 7 pants are not the same size as a pair of 7s from two years ago, five years ago, ten years ago. If the sizes change so much across time, brands, styles, why should we let the numbers bother us so much?
This realization is so liberating to me. I had to share with you guys.
Here are the tags of pants that fit and I actually purchased today just to show you how ridiculous sizes really are:
Size 13 Juniors
Size 9 Juniors

Size 7 Juniors
Size 6 Womens
Size 10 Petite Womens
Size 2 Womens

I really wish and want you guys to take this to heart. You are beautiful! It doesn't matter if you're wearing size 2 or size 22. Being healthy and happy in your skin is more important than any number whether it's weight or pants size. Finding clothes that fit and feel good is more important than trying to only wear size 4. It's perfectly fine and I encourage you to try different sizes to find what feels best.

If it were possible, I would give each and every one of you a hug and a smile. Try to accept yourself for how you are. You are beautiful no matter what size you wear.

Shine Bright and Beautiful!!

P.S. Obviously this issues fires me up a bit. Please leave questions and comments. I'd love to continue discussing this with you guys.

P.S. More pictures from my shopping trip are on my Google+ profile. Check them out. Like and Share your favorite pants!

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