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Friday, August 29, 2014

Crazy Pants Friday #4: (Almost) Checkered Pants

Whew! It's finally the end of a looooong week. It feels so good to be Friday. Today's post will be a little short today, as I'm just not feeling well.

Anyways, welcome to a little tradition I like to call Crazy Pants Friday. Every Friday I give up regular jeans for a crazier alternative.

Today I decided to wear my (almost) checkered pants. These pants have different colored boxes all over them ranging from black and brown to tan and cream. Because of all the colors mixed in the pants, I can wear different shirts with them to create different looks.

I'm kind of lazy today, so I'm just wearing a plain black t-shirt to really let the pants shine. Also, I'm totally boycotting shoes, lol. Normally with these pants I'd wear black or brown heels.

As usual, I've picked up these pants from a second hand store for just a couple bucks. I really encourage you to check out different stores in your area. There are so many treasures just waiting to be discovered.

If you guys find any treasures, you should email me pictures. Maybe I'll even include your pictures in a blog post. Please leave questions and comments. I'd love to hear about your second hand store adventures.

As always guys,

Shine Bright and Beautiful!

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