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Friday, August 1, 2014

Crazy Pants Friday #1: Rainbow Pants

Welcome to a little tradition I like to call Crazy Pants Friday. Every Friday I give up regular jeans for a crazier alternative.

These pants were the very first I wore for a Crazy Pants Friday. I thought it would be suitable to start with them for my blog too.

I lovingly call these my rainbow pants. I love how the black and white make the colors even brighter than they already are. I've had so many adventures in these pants. 3D Black Light Mini Golfing was so trippy. There's really no other word for it lol. Cosmic (Black light) Bowling is super fun too. The best part is I can wear them with almost any color shirt. I usually spare people's eyes though and just stick with my black sequin shirt (wearing it) or a plain white shirt. Today I'm wearing them with my happy black boots. Sometimes for a colorful spin, I'll wear my green Chucks.

Seriously guys. These are like the best pants ever for dances and parties and classes too. As an ice breaker, rainbow pants have gotten me started talking to my peers which turned into friendships. People can't resist smiling when
they see me wearing them. Giving and receiving smiles is the best feeling.

I almost didn't get to own these pants. I saved them from a clearance rack at the very back of a popular retail store buried behind last season's jeans and capris. They definitely called to me and my crazier side.

Don't be afraid to shop in the clearance or even at second stores. You guys can find some amazing deals and great clothes for less than the sticker price. I'm definitely not above saving a few bucks. Keeps me and my wallet happy lol.
Remember to wear what makes you happy.

Shine Bright and Beautiful!

P.S. Comments and questions are appreciated. If you have any ideas of where you'd like to see me wearing these pants, let me know and I'll take photo evidence. Please kept it clean and positive.

P.P.S. Extra pictures from today are posted on my Google+ page. Check them out. Like them and share with all your friends.

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