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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Date Night!!

Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I've posted. As you all are probably familiar with, life got in the way. Between working overtime last week and battling a cold, I haven't had much time for anything besides work and sleep. I'm feeling much better and even got a partial day off on Saturday. It's been a good weekend.

Date Night! This is what happens when I have an evening off. I dress up and be all girly for a date. Dinner and a movie (there's nothing wrong with the classic ;) ).

Let's begin with the best part of the outfit: shoes. These heels are about 4-5 inches tall. They are white with black polka-dots. It's a little hard to tell, but they are kind of fuzzy and definitely sparkly. They are ah-mazing. I love how tall they make me (I'm only 5'2"). I get a confidence boost from wearing them. I almost didn't get them. I was shopping with my sister, found them, and tried them on. I liked them a bunch. My sister wasn't so sure. So I went back the next day with my boyfriend and got them. They're just too awesome to pass up.

The skirt I'm wearing is actually a grey high-waisted pencil skirt. For a fun date night, I chose to dress it down with a plain blue v-neck t-shirt. The skirt I picked up from a second-hand store for just a couple bucks (shameless second-hand promotion lol). It's quite versatile. I can dress it up with a button-up blouse tucked in, or I can dress it down like I did here.

This blue shirt is wonderful. It's a very soft v-neck. Because it's a solid color, I can wear it with all sorts of outfits. The vivid blue is very bright and happy. I chose a plain but pretty outfit to help turn the attention toward my shoes.

My hair was straightened by my friend (who also happens to be my boyfriend's sister). While it seems like a little thing, it actually took a lot of effort because I have a whole bunch of hair. It almost reaches my butt. Usually it is wavy from being braided all the time, so I decided to do something new. It worked out wonderfully. So thank you, Fiora for helping me. :)

Here's the icing to an already fabulous outfit, earrings. I love this pair of earrings because they're both gold and silver. So I can match them with almost any other piece of jewelry without having to worry about clashing gold and silver. They are very simple design, just two disks. I can match them with jeans and a t-shirt or with a pretty dress. They would work either way.

It was a wonderful night with great friends. I hope you all take time out of your busy schedules to dress up and do something nice for yourself and significant other. It's definitely revitalizing.

Are there any shoes or piece of clothing that just gives you an instant confidence boost when you wear it? What do you guys like to do for date nights? I'd love to hear what you think. Please leave questions and comments below.

Have a Happy Color Day! :D

P.S. Hunter-kitty tried to help me take pictures. So here's the result:

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