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Friday, February 6, 2015

Crazy Pants Friday #6: Cozy Pants!

Welcome to a little tradition I like to call Crazy Pants Friday. Every Friday I give up regular jeans for a crazier alternative.

This week is much different than usual. Monday morning I had oral surgery to remove my bottom two wisdom teeth. I've been quite drugged this week lol. So since I've been wearing super comfy clothes and sweats, I decided to share some pictures of my soft cozy pants. I apologize ahead of time for my swollen cheeks. Though I'm sure plenty of you understand.

This first pair of pants is actually my mom's cozy pants. They are super soft and a very happy pink color with purple polka dots (the best part). Happy colors are important when dealing with stressful events like surgery. They are a bit too long, but that doesn't matter to me.

Being stuffed up in a house all day can get tiring. Also, it gets kinda toasty upstairs. These pants are perfect for dealing with that. They are thinner than regular sweat pants. The pattern is actually leaves. The blues and greens flow together in a very soothing way to me. This pair is comforting to me.

Of course comfy pants are also good for bed. This pair is adorable and perfect for sleeping. They are super soft and covered in cute moons and stars. I'm wearing this pair tonight. 

I saved my favorite pair of cozy pants for last. I got this pair as a gift a couple Christmases ago. The are my favorite color: green! They are super soft and stretchy. A must for taking it easy. There are flowers and butterflies all over the legs of the pants.

Being happy with yourself and relaxing are very important when you are healing. Happy cozy pants are just one way to do that. What do you guys do when recovering from being sick or surgery? 

Remember to Smile and let your inner light Shine!

P.S. If you guys have any yummy recipes for soft foods other than jello, feel free to share. Lol

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